Congrats to the students who have earned their Diamond in April and May. We are very proud of them!  All diamond winners will be invited to a Chick-fil-a lunch on Monday, May 15.

5th Grade: Amy Puri, Max Albright and Melisa Stewart

4th Grade: Avery Wallace, Anna Almstedt, Navya Majji, Chloe Schurman, Karsten Pham and Harrison Lee

3rd Grade: Nicholas Ballenger, Antoine Lewis, Alexa Rosenmarkle, DeNayla Lewis, Samuel LeBlanc, Austin Simotics, Mason Klein, Justin Britwum, Ava McKay, Jessica Albright, Andrew Ruder, Chase Gardner, Rafael Romero, Autumn Dalburg, Noah Wiskind and Ben Moskowitz

2nd Grade: Aiden Lee

1st Grade: Stephen LeBlanc