Here is the final list of students who have earned their Eagle in April and May. We are very proud of them! All Eagle winners will get a trophy at the end of the year award ceremony. Congratulations to the whole school for taking over 20,000 AR quizzes this year!
5th grade:
Kavyashree Ragothaman
Olivia Vo

4th grade:
Zach Aaron
Sloane Rohrer
Gabrielle Veazie
Violet Bowers
Ella Gore
Erin Siegwarth
Avery Wallace

3rd grade:
Samuel LeBlanc
Nicholas Ballenger
Justin Britwum
Idara Edwards
Mason Klein
Madison Kocan
DeNyla Lewis
Austin Simotics
Sophie Nguyen
Angel Armenta
Antoine Lewis
Alexa Rosenmarkle
Ryleigh Simmons
Ameer Benjilou
Jonah Blank
Madison Strickland

2nd grade:
Grayson Helms
Jacob Butler
Cydnee Castille
Jeremy Zayas

1st grade:
Stephen LeBlanc