Accelerated Reader is a PTA-sponsored, voluntary reading program for grades 1-5. Students read books and earn points by taking a brief quiz after each book read; the number of points awarded varies with the difficulty of the book and the number of correct responses by the student.  When a student acquires a point total at or above their designated award levels, he/she receives the specified incentive.


2018-19 AR Dates

Q1 AR Cutoff – October 19th

Q2 AR Cutoff – December 20th

Q3 AR Cutoff – March 1st

Q4 AR Cutoff – May 3rd

Eagle Point Levels

Grades 2 & 3 = 125 points

Grades 4 & 5 = 175 points

Diamond Eagle Sheet


Is a quiz available for the book my child is reading?

Click here to see if an AR quiz is available for your students’ book.

What is the point potential that my child can earn taking a quiz on a particular book?

Points are accumulated based on the accuracy of quiz answers.  For example, if a book has a point potential of 6 AR points and a student’s quiz score is 80%, they will receive 4.8 AR points. Click here to find out how many points a book is worth.

Can you access and take AR quizzes at home?

Quizzes may be taken Monday through Friday between 7:10am and 3:00pm. Students can take an AR quiz in class before school starts or after school from home, prior to 3:00pm.  The AR system is also open from 7:10am to 3:00pm on teacher workdays and during both Thanksgiving break and Spring break!  The only time it isn’t open is over Winter break. Click here to take an AR quiz now!

How do I log into the AR system to take a quiz?

Click here to take an AR quiz. Check page 24 of your student’s agenda for login information and login as noted below.  Login information will be filled out at the Accelerated Reader Kickoff for your student’s grade.

User name = student ID (20000xxxxx)

Password = mmddyyyy (student’s date of birth)

How do I know if my student is taking quizzes at school?

Consult your student’s agenda for AR login information; next to the student information are details on how parents can login and connect. Sign up to get email notifications when your students takes a quiz here.

User name = student ID (20000xxxxx)

Password = hcmmddyyyy (hc stands for home connect, followed by student’s date of birth)

What is a quarterly AR goal?

AR goals are set by your student’s teacher and are based on the current reading ability of your student. AR goals vary from student to student. All students who reach their AR goal by the end of the Q1, Q2, Q3, or Q4 Cutoff Dates will receive that quarter’s incentive.

How does my student complete the Yearbook Challenge?

Grade 2 and 3 students who earn 30 AR points by December 21st will be featured in the River Eves yearbook.  Grade 4 and 5 students must earn 40 AR points.  All AR points must be earned prior to the Q2 AR Cutoff Date to qualify.

How does my student earn an Eagle?

Grade 2 and 3 students earn an Eagle by acquiring 125 AR points.  Grade 4 and 5 students must earn 175 AR points to receive an Eagle.  All AR points must be earned prior to the Q4 AR Cutoff Date to be eligible for an Eagle.

How does my student earn a Diamond Eagle?

Diamond Eagles are awarded to all students who read an additional 10 books at or above their grade level.  To be eligible for a Diamond Eagle, students must have already earned an Eagle for the current school year.  Once an Eagle is earned, students must complete the Diamond Eagle sheet and pass an AR quiz for each additional book read to qualify for a Diamond Eagle. All Diamond Eagle sheets must be returned to the Media Center prior to the Q4 AR Cutoff Date. Students can download the Diamond Eagle sheet or pick up one from the REES Media Center.

Where can I find more information on the Accelerated Reader Program?

For more information on Accelerated Reader in general, check out the AR Parents’ Guide.


If you have additional questions regarding the Accelerated Reader Program, contact Dhari Rohrer at or Amanda Wagman at