Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is a PTA sponsored, voluntary reading program for grades 1-5 designed to increase reading skills while earning points for incentives. After reading one of over 139,000 Accelerated Reader books available in the Media Center or public library, a child takes a brief quiz on the computer to check for comprehension.

Students earns points based on their performance and the difficulty of the book. When the point total meets or exceeds designated award levels described in the incentive program, he/she is awarded the specified rewards.

Box Tops

The school collects box tops from participating General Mills Products and earns 10 cents for each box top. The money earned funds PTA programs. Click on the BoxTop to visit the website for product lists and Internet partners to earn more money for our school.

Business Partners

River Eves school has official partnerships with Publix, Kroger, Chick-fil-A, Moe’s, and Skyzone. Get more information on the Business Partner page.

Calling All Dads

A year-long PTA sponsored program that encourages male role model participation in the school.

Classroom Materials Support

Teachers are able to submit receipts for reimbursement from PTA for classroom materials in the beginning of the school year. There is a cap on the dollar amount.

Eagle Fliers

A spring running program (Feb.-May) aimed at getting kids outside with their friends for some after-school fun and exercise. The program, which began in 2008-09, is open for students in grades 3-5. Designed to introduce students to running, Eagle Fliers is organized by parent volunteers with assistance from River Eves teachers. Students meet once a week after school and are led through various running activities, including team races, relay competitions and individual runs. The goal is not to see who is the fastest runner, but to encourage all kids to enjoy the outdoors and thrive through the empowering nature of running. The program ends with a Spring Race for all runners!

Field Trips

This activity enables teachers to enhance curriculum in ways impossible to achieve in the classroom alone. The PTA funds transportation for special study/field trips during the year for all grade levels.


There is a committee that plans and organizes breakfasts, lunches and special treats for teachers and staff during “Teacher Appreciation Week” and workdays throughout the year.

Landscaping/Environmental Education

This committee coordinates efforts to beautify school grounds as well as initiate environmental education issues. Landscaping days are held on a Saturday morning once in the fall and once in the spring. This is an opportunity for parents, students, teachers and administrators to work together to improve the grounds around the school.


Our school District, County, State and Federal governments all make decisions that affect our school. The legislation committee keeps the PTA membership informed of these issues.

Media Volunteers

Volunteers are needed on a daily basis in our Media Center to help re-shelve books, help students, and assist the Media Center staff with other tasks as needed. Volunteers are scheduled to work at their convenience.


Teachers submit a grant application to the PTA for enriching educational materials or programs that are not covered in the school budget, for their class, grade or school. A committee evaluates these and awards funds to purchase these items.

Public Relations

Providing the community with information about our school is very important. The PTA provides a Public Relations Committee that submits photographs and articles about River Eves events and programs to the local media.

Publix Partner Card

Publix provides a frequent shopper card that when scanned at check-out, donates a portion of the sales to a designated school. When checking out at the grocery store, just present the card to be scanned and River Eves PTA will receive credit. The credit builds into a financial donation made to our school by Publix.


River Eves currently recycles paper, eye glasses, cell phones, batteries and ink cartridges. With the help of peer helpers (5th graders chosen specifically to help around the school in various areas), this committee coordinates the recycling effort at the school.

Room Parents

Room parents assist the teacher throughout the year obtaining volunteers for activities the teacher may have, planning two parties (Holiday and Year-end) and coordinating teacher appreciation week events.

School Directory

The school directory is an electronic directory available via website and smart device app.  The directory provides an alphabetical list of student names, addresses and phone numbers. Additionally the directory contains class lists, teachers, and grade lists in an easily searchable format. The school directory is maintained by the PTA and is available only to members of the PTA.

Spirit Wear

There is a committee that helps create, market, sell, order and distribute River Eves T-shirts, car magnets, water bottles, etc. in youth and adult sizes. Profits fund various PTA programs.

Technology Fair

This competition is open to all students in grades 3-5. Top contestants go on to compete at the County level. Projects include web site development, robotics, power point presentations, digital photography, animation and more.


Our PTA sponsored website ( is designed and maintained by volunteers to provide important information at the tip of your fingers and at the click of a button. Need answers? Go online! You can also follow us on Facebook.


The yearbook is produced by the PTA. This committee handles all production aspects including sales, layout and design, photography and distribution. Click here to Order yours today!