River Eves’ PTA-sponsored Reflections program offers students the opportunity to express themselves and compete against other students in our school and beyond. The Reflections program provides an opportunity for students to use their talent and creativity in the categories of Literature, Film Production, Music Composition, Dance Choreography, Visual Arts, and/or Photography.  

Thank you to all our River Eves students who submitted a Reflections project, and congratulations to River Eves’ 62 category winners. All 1st and 2nd placed school entries represented River Eves at the Fulton County level, and we are proud to announce our school’s 21 entries that placed in the County-wide competition. All winners at the Fulton County Level will be entered in the Georgia State Level competition. 


County Level Winner: Avery Wallace (5)

County Level Honorable Mention: Cadee Fischer (3), Anjeaneth Ramirez (3)


County Level Winner: Aerabella Ramirez (1), Neal Arya (5)

County Level Honorable Mention: Aleesa Ramirez (4)


County Level Winner: Aerabella Ramirez (1), Anjeaneth Ramirez (3)

County Level Honorable Mention: Aleesa Ramirez (4), Alessa Ramirez (4)


County Level Winner: Ella Anwar (5)

County Level Honorable Mention: Sophie Klien (1)


County Level Winner: Savannah Tracey (K), Aerabella Ramirez (1), Anjeaneth Ramirez (3), Jackson Tanagho (4), Ella Gore (5)

County Level Honorable Mention: Eman Hastor (K), Chloe Schurman (5)


If you have questions regarding the Reflections program, please contact Jennifer Kilberg-Simotics at jkilberg@agencyaccess.com or Edita Tracey at Edita31177@aol.com.

For more details on the PTA Reflections program, visit http://www.pta.org/reflections.