Each month our River Eves’ parents spend hundreds of collective hours volunteering at school and from home to plan and implement the PTA’s programs and events. Because our volunteers are so integral to our students and our school, we want to recognize one superstar volunteer each month.

The Volunteer of the Month is…

Jennifer Simotics

Jennifer is such an asset to River Eves. Her giving, upbeat, and creative nature benefits every River Eves PTA program she’s involved with.

This year, she has done an amazing job as Chair of the Reflections and Hospitality programs. Her enthusiasm and the hard work she’s put into the Reflections program shows. River Eves has a very high participation rate and even had two State winners this year! And her creativity and service-minded personality shines in her role as Chair of Hospitality. The teachers and staff are treated to several festive events throughout the year.  She does all of this with a positive attitude and a smile on her face. And in addition to working a full-time job!

Last year, she sacrificed many hours (during the week and weekend) designing and painting the Eagle Mascot in the gym. In addition, she was involved in multiple other programs as well.

Since her son started kindergarten, Jennifer has given many hours of her time and talents in service to River Eves Elementary and the community, as well as being a valued member of the River Eves PTA.

PTA recently interviewed Jennifer, here’s what she had to say…

Tell us about yourself …

I grew up in Providence Rhode Island and then went to Rhode Island school of design and Boston University. I then moved to New York City where I worked in various aspects of the photography and film industry. Before I left New York my last job was working at The Syfy channel as the photo editor where I hired and produced all our publicity and marketing shoots. Once I moved to Georgia I became a creative marketing consultant working with photographers, directors, and illustrators on marketing , branding and portfolio development.

I have a nine-year-old named Austin who is in 3 rd grade and goes to River Eves and an 18-year-old named Kaitlin who is soon off to go to college.

What brought your family to River Eves Elementary?

Our community, amazing teachers and staff are what brought us to River Eves.

How did you begin volunteering at River Eves?

I started volunteering in Austin’s classroom in kindergarten as Room Mom, so I could really gain an understanding of the teachers, the school, and the community our son is growing up in.

Tell us about the various roles/committees you have volunteered for at the school?

I have helped with  Room Mom,  Stem Days, Destination Imagination, Teacher Appreciation, Hospitality, Reflections, and painted the Eagle mascot in the gymnasium . Soon my husband and I will also be updating the outdoor classroom.

Why do you volunteer your time and resources to the school?

I truly love being a part of our community . The staff and teachers at River Eves along with the amazing students are why I enjoy volunteering.

What do you like to do with your free time?

In my free time I enjoy painting, playing tennis, gardening, photography, cooking, playing with my dogs and hanging out with my family and friends. I also love to travel and immerse myself in different cultures as that brings inspiration in many areas of my life.